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Tuesday, June 16th  |  1 pm EST

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Tuesday, June 16th



10 am - 5 pm EST

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Emily Poission

I am a rising junior majoring in Choral Music Education. I am heavily involved in Hillel at FSU and am serving as president for the next school year! I'm also involved in the music education organizations on campus and am serving as the treasurer of one of them (American Choral Directors Association or ACDA).


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Why Florida State University?

What do you love about your school?

It's hard to pinpoint one thing I love about FSU because there are so many! I love the community I'm surrounded by everyday with Hillel and the College of Music. The people I've met have given me an incredible support system and I'm so thankful for all the friends I've made! FSU students have a lot of pride for their school which is also nice. I also love all of the resources FSU provides me, from a whole music library to virtual reality googles for all students to use! I also love how FSU has a huge Jewish presence. It helped me acclimate to college life a lot quicker and made me feel more at home!

Why did you choose your school when you were a senior in high school? Walk us through that process.

I chose FSU because of the music program (it is top 10 rated in the country), as well as the Jewish life. It was also close to home but not too close (driving distance). Having a large Jewish life was especially important to me, because I had been involved in NFTY during high school and wanted a similar community during college. I had applied to five schools overall (each with a large Jewish presence on campus), but knew FSU was the right place for me the second I walked onto campus during a tour my junior year. It had been my dream school since then and I was so excited that I got accepted!!

What has been your favorite class so far? Tell us about it!

Music Education in American Society has, hands down, been my favorite class so far. It was my first upper-level music education class and we dove deep into the world of teaching music in America. We learned many things, such as government structure within education, music education philosophers, strategies for teaching music, and more! My professor was one of the most well-known music educators and made each class incredible! The day began with "data of the day," where we would discuss current issues happening within our country, whether they were education related or just historic events. I was taking this class during spring of 2020, when the pandemic happened, so it was the perfect way to learn how to handle teaching during a pandemic!

What fun traditions do you like to partake in at your school?

One of my favorite traditions at FSU is called "Campus Crawl". Every year, the night before the first football game, the world renowned Marching Chiefs (FSU's Marching Band) run all around campus and play in front of each dorm to hype everyone up for the first football game!! Another tradition I love that FSU does is on your 21st birthday, you get thrown into the Westcott Fountain (which, fun fact, is a registered swimming pool!). It's been fun to watch my friend's get thrown in and I can't wait to get thrown in on my 21st birthday!

Tell us about Jewish life on campus. How have you been able to engage with this aspect of your identity while at school?

FSU has a great Jewish life on campus. I am heavily involved in FSU's Hillel and it has helped me stay in touch/grow into my Jewish identity. Hillel offers many programs for all people and has given me an incredible community full of great people! All these things have helped me engage with my Judaism. I served as the ritual chair for three semesters, meaning I led Friday night services every week and programmed ritual events. I am now currently serving as the president for the upcoming year and cannot wait! I am so beyond thankful for the Jewish life on campus, specifically FSU Hillel.

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Jewish Life On Campus

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